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Living Our Best Life at LiveRamp

Written by LiveRamp & Kham Ward

We’ve all heard the adage, “live your best life.” But what does that mean?

At LiveRamp, this saying equates to living up to one’s truest potential in the most authentic way possible. We believe that the only way people can do this and perform their best is to give them power and freedom. This concept underpins one of LiveRamp’s core values: we empower people.

It is always gratifying when we see this value reflected back. With their permission, one employee shared in our annual survey that “LiveRamp has empowered me by allowing me to skill build, take on larger opportunities, meet with others, speak up/provide my opinion on matters, and contribute to the team in meaningful ways.” In that same survey, another LiveRamper wrote “LiveRamp empowers me to step out of my shell and meet new people.”

LiveRamp’s Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

LiveRamp’s empowerment manifests itself across how we treat the various communities and identities represented in the organization. With our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, we strive to build an inclusive workplace for all. In our most recent company survey, 91% of LiveRampers say that LiveRamp is a great place to work and 81% would recommend employment to a friend.

With 35% of LiveRamp’s US workforce coming from underrepresented groups (as reported in our 2021 DIB Report), empowering the belonging, growth, and development of our employees and their communities is the right thing to do. How specifically do we do this?

Let’s start with what we consider table stakes: Competitive wellness packages, global wellness days off, free mental health resources, gym membership fitness reimbursements, assistance for continuing education, and family-forming services are a few ways in which LiveRamp empowers its employees. That’s just the beginning.

LiveRamp is home to eight employee resource groups (ERGs), providing safe spaces for communities such as Asian American & Pacific Islander, Black, LGBTQ+, LatinX, differently-abled, veterans, women, and multinational identities. These spaces enable greater employee engagement, leadership development, volunteer opportunities, and building connections through cause-based giving: 65% of LiveRampers engaged in ERGs use Benevity, the platform we use for matching employee donations.

Broadening DIB Skill Sets

Along with this, LiveRamp provides educational opportunities for professional growth. Head of Learning and Development Kate McCracken, expresses the importance of training extending beyond annual compliance training. With a diversity and inclusion focus, she spearheads opportunities for all LiveRampers to expand their knowledge on cultural intelligence, intent vs impact, and critical consciousness, ensuring the company employees have a broader set of skills to draw from in treating everyone with respect and inclusion. “Compassion, mindfulness, and inclusive management is what leads diverse staff in an inclusive way,” she said.

Along with educational opportunities, empowering others through career growth and mobility is one of LiveRamp’s values. “We hire the best,” said Erika Thorson, Head of Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp. “We broaden and diversify our candidate pools by using a variety of job posting sites to reach underrepresented groups in addition to eliminating unconscious bias throughout the screening process tied to certain educational backgrounds and or experiences.” These tactics have shown promise as in LiveRamp’s past fiscal year (April 2020-March 2021), the company received a 1.5% increase in applications from US-based Black, African-American, Hispanic, and Latinx employees. Senior Program Manager for Talent Acquisition Lori Paladino proudly shared, “We encourage employees to grow internally and we retain them.” Internship programs to full time hire, sponsorships, and internal mobility are a key focus for Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp.

As LiveRamp remains committed to ensuring that their organization is a place where people can thrive, we welcome all job seekers to apply to join our team. Check out our Careers page and we look forward to receiving your application.



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