Support Black Women at Work

By Sacha Thompson and Katrina Jones

On International Women’s Day, we’re calling on companies to do more to create an equitable and inclusive environment for Black women at work. Lean In’s 2020 report on The State of Black Women in Corporate America revealed that Black women are severely underrepresented in leadership roles — they make up only 1.6% of VP roles and only 1.4% of C-suite roles. Black women are also less likely to be promoted to manager, and they are less likely to have managers showcase their work, advocate for new opportunities for them, or give them opportunities to manage people and projects.

Here are 5 actions organizations should take to support Black women in the workplace, and create a more equitable and inclusive organization for all employees.

Black women deserve to be respected and supported in all spaces of work, and thrive in their careers, with dignity, and free from fear.

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